With around 50 different types of tomatoes available, it is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without them. Tomatoes were only introduced to Germany in the 1920s, when they quickly became hugely popular. The secret to their flavour is the sun. Plenty of sun is the basis for the true tomato taste and its well-rounded aroma. The same principle applies for the wonderfully sun-ripened tomatoes used in the preparation of our Exquisa Cream Cheese Creation "Bruschetta", giving it its distinctive Mediterranean flavour. Connoisseur Tip: Never store tomatoes in the fridge, as they will quickly loose a lot of their delicious aroma. You should also keep tomatoes away from other fruits and vegetables, as they emit ethylene gas in their maturation process, which will accelerate the ripening process of other vegetables and fruits. Everyone loves tomatoes because of their great versatility – simply sliced on fresh bread, as part of a healthy salad, or as a side with warm dishes, baked, in soups or sauces, or as base ingredient for delicious pasta dishes – tomatoes are almost always a great choice!