Peppers are a vegetable, and are particularly popular in Germany. They can be green, yellow, orange, or red depending on the level of ripeness. Their flavours cover the whole spectrum from mild to sweet. They can also get quite spicy – for example hot peppers, or the even spicier variety known as chili. Although peppers are available all year round, they are especially flavour intensive between June and November. When shopping for peppers, make sure that the pepper feels firm to the touch and shows no wrinkling or bruising – then you will know you have good and fresh peppers at home. When properly stored in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, peppers can be stored for around a week. Connoisseur Tip: Peppers are very versatile in the kitchen. They are delicious when raw in salads, grilled, steamed, or stuffed. Aside from paprica powder, which is the dried and ground variety, peppers are also used in many dips, sauces, and pastes. Soups and sauces with peppers should not contain acidic foods, as they may cause the peppers to turn brown quite quickly.

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