Garlic is one of the most recognised and popular aromatic and medicinal plants, and is a member of the onion family. Garlic is often used in dips or sauces, and a popular ingredient of Mediterranean dishes, giving them their unmistakeable taste and aroma. As a rule of thumb: the fresher the garlic, the less intense and pungent will be it smell. Young garlic picked in spring has a much milder flavour. Connoisseur Tip: Garlic should never be fried or cooked for too long, as it will turn brown and bitter. When shopping for garlic, look for firm and plump bulbs with matt, shiny peels – then you will know that you are buying the freshest and best garlic. If you want to avoid "garlic breath" after a delightful dish, chew some fresh herbs like parsley, coriander or cardamom.

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