Strawberries are the very idea of summertime, and have an unbelievable fruity taste. In Germany, strawberry season begins in June. Strawberries can be bought earlier in the year as well, but their taste is often no match for the rich flavours of summer strawberries. Anyone who wants to experience the origin of the fruits can visit one of the many summer strawberry fields in Germany. Connoisseur Tip: Make sure the fruits look plump, have no bruises, and are luscious and shiny. Green leaves on the fruit are an additional indication of their freshness. Strawberries that are not eaten right away or used in a dessert, can be stored in the fridge for up to two days and can also be frozen. Fresh strawberries taste absolutely wonderful on their own, but also make for a fantastic ingredient in desserts, cakes, tarts, or delicious fromage frais dishes. As an aromatic and fruity ingredient in our Exquisa Cream Cheese Creation strawberry or our Exquisa Fromage Frais products, the fruits are an absolute delight for the senses.

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